Gauging Your Success

Beginner’s Guide to Working with Wire!

Ever stood in the craft store wondering what the differences are between various craft wire? 

In this short two hour workshop you’ll learn how to;  bend wire to your will, decide on the correct gauge for your project, use basic jewelry making tools, work with head pins, eye pins, jump rings and more.

Buy ’em, or bring ’em, you’re gonna need ’em tools list. 

Basic wire working tools, flush cutter, needle nose plyers, flat nose plyer, nylon covered plyers, and 22 gauge craft wire. If you don’t have them, that is alright, I’ll have a few extra on hand, but you might have to share with your neighbor. Pen and paper to take notes.

Time permitting, you’ll  have an opportunity to make a pair or two of wire wrapped earrings.

Young adults 16 and older are welcome.

Workshops are held in the Hobby Lobby Classroom

Hobby Lobby

13780 Millard Avenue
Omaha, NE 68137