Indian Summer by Tes Shea

Dictionary.com defines Indian Summer as 

  1. period of unusually settled warm weather after the end of summer proper

This little vignette was created using fused glass and fine silver. It reminds me of the beautiful country sides of Nebraska and Iowa.  When life was less hectic and as a child  I could just enjoy the sun on my face, a warm breeze and the sounds of nature around me.  Hope you enjoy it.

What is metal clay?

I seems a bit silly to think that there might be someone who hasn't heard about metal clay or tried it at least one. It is a remarkable material created by reclaiming precious metals and after placing in a special binder become a fine, sterling, gold, bronze, or copper object of art!
In the hands of a gifted artists such as Kim Noguiera can become wonderful and beautiful works of art.  Check out Metal Clay Today for more inspiration or take a class with Tes to experience yourself.

In addition to metal clay, I work in fused art glass. Another remarkable material, glass i s both solid and liquid depending on the amount of heat applied to it.  I’ve never know it to “burn” and there is NO waste.  If you create a piece and decide you do not like it, you simple throw it into the frit pot and use it later to create something different.

Try one of my workshops, designed with beginners in mind.  I provide the materials and the tools.  You provide the creativity.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start crafting those homemade gifts.



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